Nutshell Media is headed by Founder \ Executive Producer Nate Jolley. As well as number of documentary credits, Nate has a background as a camera operator and editor on a wide range of projects. Nate has shot for ABC TV’s Born To Explore, National Geographic’s Stone Age Atlantis and most recently HGTV’s House Hunters International ‘Off Grid”.

Nate founded the company in 2004 (originally named Autonomous Productions) and after many long days and low budgets carved out a niche for the company. As the company grew it developed a reputation for consistently pairing high level creativity with hard work to always deliver compelling stories in an innovative way.

In 2011 Nate came down with a rare and curious disease where his vision was impaired by an inability to stop seeing reality TV concepts everywhere he looked. Sadly, despite his best efforts and exhausting all treatment options Nate suffers from the condition to this day.

As Nutshell Media’s foothold in the doc and web world strengthened Nate was able to allocate more time and resources to creating a wide range of original series concepts. Nutshell Media is currently developing a number of innovative and audacious unscripted series and are always looking to develop new relationships and co-productions. We are also producing a 22 min. documentary with Genie award winning director Lisa Jackson and working with a wide range of clients to deliver high-end web content.

Nate Jolley profile pic

Nate Jolley, Founder \ Executive Producer